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Attracting your lover back to you

White magic spells have a power of their own and hence many embark upon the same when they meet with some solution-less problems in lives. One such popular problem found is to get back your lost lover who has probably left you due to some or the other obvious reasons or has moved on with some person. You can find various kinds of magical spells which are there to help you get back your lost lover. But the essential thing which you need to remember while performing these spells is that you need to follow the instructions properly else you would not be getting fruitful results.

Here is a magical spell for you to get back your lover back to you. For performing this, you would need to choose the days which coincides with the moon’s waxing-phase. You would require few basic things for performing this spells like a white piece of paper, candle of white color, a marker of red ink, a needle (mind you sterilized), a piece of cloth (crimson color), a ribbon (again red color) and any stuff which your lover has given to you with his or her free will has to be with you. Now you need to light the candle focusing your thoughts on your lover, and if possible keep a picture of his or her in front of you. Ensure that the red ribbon is wrapped around the picture and kept on the red cloth which you have taken. The next dangerous part is to take the needle. Prick your ring finger and take a drop of blood. Write your lovers name with the blood that has been shed. While writing the name keep enchanting the words

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